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Children of the World, Mario Marino


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  • Virtually without equal on the market: impressive portraits of children from all corners of the world
  • Mario Marino is an award-winning portrait photographer and one of photography’s great humanists
  • Featuring a foreword by a well-known children’s author on what it means to be a child
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Verwacht: 31 augustus 2022

Internationally renowned, award­-winning photo­grapher Mario Marino once said of his portraits, “I try to read people’s lives.” In this new book he shows for the first time how he accomplishes this with a very special group: children.

In Children of the world, Marino brings together his most beautiful, poignant, humorous, and captivating images of daughters and sons in European countries, among indigenous peoples in Africa, and on the streets of eastern Asia.

He approaches these young people eye­to­eye, and reveals their innermost feelings—their joy and moments of bliss, their longings and insecu­ rities. Despite all the adversities they face in the present, their laughter and their earnestness offer hope for the future. For one fleeting moment, they are very close to us. Each picture expresses the sentence often denied children nowadays: “Here I am, this is me.”

Born in Austria and based in Germany, Mario Marino is an independent, award­winning portrait photographer. He is one of the great humanists among contemporary photographers. He has been photographing portraits of people all around the world for more than twenty years. The human being is at the center of his images. His photographs are displayed in museums and galleries around the globe and his work has been published in over 100 publications worldwide.

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Mario Marino


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