Entertain Me! By Schön! Magazine


De hedendaagse wereld van entertainment in een extravagant boek

Enjoy it, live it, f*ck it and do it! Dat is het motto van Entertain me! van het razend populaire Schön! Magazine. Aan de hand van zowel bestaand als nooit eerder gepubliceerd beeldmateriaal exploreert het boek de hedendaagse wereld van entertainment: Wie zijn de sterren van vandaag? En hoe ziet de toekomst van entertainment eruit nu influencers de boel lijken te hebben overgenomen?

Al wie hot & happening is passeert de revue: van filmsterren tot influencers, van modellen tot kunstenaars. Een must have voor elke zichzelf respecterende fashionista en art lover.

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Schön! Magazine has brought to life a singular vision of fashion, beauty and portrait photography since its launch in 2009. The creative teams behind Schön! have been capturing actors, singers and artists since its inception, working with iconic photographers, but also the newest young creatives, to portray the names changing and shaping the entertainment industries. This Schön! anthology brings together some of the best talents and starts featured during its 12 years of existence, from both its print issues and online platform.

In this edition, Schön! brings you some of the greatest names of music, film, TV and the arts, from silver-screen favourites such as Elle Fanning and David Harbour, as well as the upcoming stars of the streaming platforms, such as Josephine Langford, Madelyn Cline, Jack Quaid and Lucas Bravo. That’s not to mention the music – from singers and musicians such as Ricky Martin, Juliette Lewis and Ne-Yo, to younger generations such as Rosalía, H.E.R., Jorja Smith, LP and Anitta, to name but a few.


Raoul Keil


29 x 23



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