Faces of Africa, Mario Marino


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  • Stunning photo portraits and landscapes capture Africa’s ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Expressive photo art: over 220 color and black-and-white pictures from, among others, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and Tanzania
  • A new book from award-winning photographer Mario Marino, following museum and gallery exhibitions around the globe

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Verwacht: 31 oktober 2021

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“I try to read people’s lives,” says photographer Mario Marino. In this new photo book, the Austrian-born camera artist presents over 220 color and black-and-white photographs from some of the most remote areas of Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sudan, and Kenya. Stunning landscapes combine with powerful portraiture, capturing in particular remote communities whose heritage and ways of life are threatened by the combined forces of tourism, technology, and globalization. With his subjects illuminated by the sunlight alone, particular attention is given to traditional markers upon the body: face paint, hair styles, and jewelry. Beyond simple reportage or documentation, Faces of Africa strives to create a timeless portrait that speaks to the deep geographical and cultural roots of each individual”

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Mario Marino


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