Far Far East – A Tribute to Faraway Asia, Alexa Schels Patrick Pichler


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  • Hello Asia! Travel inspiration for urban escapists, modern nomads, nature-loving city dwellers, and backpackers
  • Wanderlust, freedom, adventure: armchair travel for COVID times
  • With photographs and personal stories attuned to millennial travelers

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Far Far East is an homage to distant Asia and a love letter to the wanderlust and freedom we miss in pandemic times. From writer and author duo Alexa Schels and Patrick Pichler, this large-format photo book takes readers on a transcontinental journey through eight Far East countries. Stilt fishermen in Sri Lanka, reindeer nomads in the Mongolian steppes, the pulsating metropolis of Tokyo, and the untamed wilderness of the Himalayas. On each stop of their journey, Schels and Pichler supplement stunning travel photography with inspiring stories of personal encounters. Armchair travel when we need it most — and a reminder of all there is to discover once the world reopens for adventure.

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Alexa Schels, Patrick Pichler


24 x 30



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