Fearless Females – Mothers, Hunters and Teachers


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  • The first photo book to focus on the feminine side of the animal kingdom
  • Some 150 photographs of female lions, elephants, and many other animals
  • Fascinating facts, exciting stories — nature infotainment at its best

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Verwacht: 31 oktober 2021

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In the lion world, only the females hunt — because they do it best! The boss of a hyena pack? An alpha female. Even the lowest-ranking female of the pack is superior to her male counterparts. As for praying mantises? They keep interaction with men to the essentials, eating them right after mating for added nutrition. The first photo book to focus exclusively on the female of the species, Fearless Females is a fascinating account of “feminine” strength throughout the animal kingdom. With some 150 photographs, accompanied by remarkable facts and extraordinary stories, the book reveals the fierce, formidable, and fascinating antics of she lions, elephants, and many other creatures. A refreshing reappraisal of “feminine” behavior and a long overdue emancipation of nature and wildlife photography.

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