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London Unseen, Paul Scane


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A different kind of tribute to the magnificent British metropolis

With short, concise writings about unknown facets of the capital city

Discoveries and moments off the beaten tourist track

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Verwacht: 31 augustus 2022

Paul Scane is a photographer on a mission, and that mission is his love for London. For many years, he has roamed his hometown with analog cameras, capturing whatever catches his eye: unusual faces, bizarre urban scenes, or unusual structures found in the city’s architecture. Largely in black­and­white, over the years Paul has created a unique and authentic portrait of the city he knows best, yet continues to discover anew each day.

In London Unseen, the photographer shares his best images. This book captures the character and soul of the real London in more detail than perhaps any photography book of London ever before—a study far from Big Ben and Trafalgar Square.

Paul Scane acquired his first 35mm Leica M6 some fifteen years ago, and has been hooked on analog photography ever since. Born and raised in London, his interest in his hometown was always strong. He explores the hidden corners of the capital city by bicycle and on foot, documenting whatever strikes his eye. The result is a unique archive of photographs. Much of what he captured on film over the years has since disappeared, buried under successive waves of development and gentrification.

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Paul Scane


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