Pictures by the Stormpilot, Santiago Borja


Santiago Borja, Pictures by # the Stormpilot. Voor iedereen die gefascineerd is door het leven boven de wolken en de gewelddadige schoonheid van de natuur, bieden de beelden van Borja geweldige inzichten in een onstuimige wereld

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reathtaking photographs of thunder, lightning, storms, and other natural phenomena, captured by pilot Santiago Borja from his Boeing 767-300 cockpit.

As a passenger jet pilot, Santiago Borja flies around the globe every day, often coming up against wild storms and various types of turbulence. In case of such encounters, Borja the “Stormpilot” always keeps his camera in the cockpit, capturing breathtaking images of the very center of the storm–swirling clouds, up-close lightning bolts, a surreal ghostly glow, and somewhere thousands of miles below, the flickering of civilization in the rain. Santiago’s captivating aerial storm photographs, featured in a number of prestigious galleries, are brought together for the first time in this book, accompanied by lively and informative texts about the dramatic weather phenomena his photos reveal. For anyone captivated by life above the clouds and the violent beauty of nature, Borja’s images offer awesome insights into a tempestuous world.

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Santiago Borja


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