The Namib Desert, Jurgen Wettke


The Namib Desert – Art. Structures. Colors – Jürgen Wettke

Nature that has been largely untouched by man becomes art
Discover the breathtaking variety of the vast desert landscape
With a Foreword by esteemed photographer Michael Poliza
For photography buffs, Africa lovers, and everyone who finds joy in the beauty of nature

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When you hear the word “desert,” what do you think of? If you imagine more than just endless sand, heat, and emptiness, Jürgen Wettke’s The Namib Desert is the perfect photo book for you. With an excellent eye for unusual structures and colors, Wettke invigorates our imagination and shows us that the desert is a place of unexpected variety. There are only a few landscapes on earth like Namibia where shapes and colors change so rapidly while giving such an immediate feel for how our world originally came to be. Jürgen Wettke has masterfully captured this ambivalence on film and preserved once-in-a-lifetime moments of ephemeral beauty.


JÜRGEN WETTKE was born in 1953 in Hagen, Germany. In addition to his successful career as a leader in one of the largest corporate consulting firms, he has been a passionate photographer since he was a boy. He wants his work to touch the viewer emotionally and raise awareness of how fragile our planet’s ecosystems are. His first photo book, The Art of the Wadden Sea, published by teNeues in 2013, was a resounding success: exhibits in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Kampen (Sylt) and Salzburg marked its debut, with extensive press coverage as well. With the Wadden Sea and the Namib Desert, Jürgen Wettke has found motifs that are constantly changing due to the forces of nature. His photographs are notable not only for their aesthetic qualities, which make them highly desirable collector’s items, but also for the sheer uniqueness of each and every shot.

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Jurgen Wettke


26 x 34



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