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The Nansen Photographs, Geir O. Kløver


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– Original photos and diary entries from the famous Arctic expedition: Be a part of the excitement, anticipation, and amazement
– A milestone: The voyage of the Fram paved the way for modern oceanography
– 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of Fridtjof Nansen being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts on behalf of refugees and stateless people

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In the late 19th century, the Norwegian Arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen undertook a pioneering expedition: he wanted to reach the North Pole with the specially designed ship Fram. North of Siberia, he allowed his ship to be trapped by the pack ice and drift—only to discover with disappointment that the Fram did not come any closer to the North Pole. He and Fredrik Hjalmar Johansen switched to skis and began the unbelievably arduous trek to their longed­for destination, a trek that became a race against time.

The Nansen Photographs recounts this expedition using original photographs and diaries, featuring both Nansen himself and his crew members. They illustrate in a poignant and sometimes disconcerting way how the expedition members went about their daily lives and conducted their research, the conflicts they faced, and how they ultimately brought their daring undertaking to its successful conclusion.

Geir O. Kløver is the director of the Fram Museum in Oslo and author, co­author and editor of a number of books on polar expeditions. A contributor to several traveling exhibitions on polar history, he has given lectures on most of the continents—including the Arctic and Antarctic. Not only does the Fram Museum house the original ship from Fridtjof Nansen’s expeditions, the building was also com­ prehensively modernized under Kløver’s management and was honored with the prestigious THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2020.

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850 historic photographs and illustrations, 35 ship drawings and 25 maps

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